Downtown Corridor


Abus Hats

For more than 10 years Abu’s hats has proudly served the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District. In the heart of the Santee Alley, Abu connects with fashion designers, stylists, retailers and everyday hat enthusiasts. He is known for his charismatic nature and offers an array of styles to choose from — from vacation styles to chic dress hats, and everything in between.



Bunkado is a destination gift shop, and since 1946 has been supplying the Los Angeles community with items from Japan and beyond.  Located in the heart of Little Tokyo, Bunkado is the first Japanese owned business in Los Angeles and still in its original location!


Flask & Field

A modern wine shop and lifestyle experience opening its first location at ROW DTLA. Flask & Field is a modern destination for the discovery of wine, spirits, art and design.  We offer a selection of quality goods for house, home and adventure.


Old Vine Florals

A love for flowers matched with an entrepreneurial spirit birthed Oldvine Florals located in the heart of downtown LA’s Old Financial District. Just blocks from the historic Los Angeles Flower Market, Southern California’s premiere indoor flower market place, founder Itika Oldwine, established Oldvine Florals in 2017. The inspiration to launch her very own floral company came while working under famed Los Angeles based floral designer Eric Buterbaugh. After two amazing years at Eric Buterbaugh Design, Itika launched her business as a vessel for her own point of view on blooming creations and to give a modern twist to the flowery landscape of L.A.


Rafu Bussan, Inc.

There is history and tradition in the store itself. Rafu Bussan is a combination of the words “Rashogiri” an old name for Los Angeles, from which came “ra” and “fu” meaning prefecture. The word “bussan” means product. The store found its beginnings before World War II when Yuko Tanaka and Junichi Onishi founded Rafu Bussan in Gardena, California.

Mr. Tanaka was sent to an internment camp during World War II and afterwards re-started Rafu Bussan and began delivering rice, tea, rice bowls, chopsticks and other items to Japanese families living in Orange County and the South Bay.  In 1958, the late Kiyoshi “Skip” Kawaratani and his wife purchased Mr. Onishi’s share of the business and later, Mr. Tanaka’s interest. Rafu Bussan continues today and perpetuates Japanese housewares and gift items.


Pocket Square Clothing

Pocket Square Clothing (PSC) was established in 2011 as a men’s accessory brand. Headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles, PSC has become an incubator for the Los Angeles menswear movement. With no formal fashion training, founders Rodolfo and Andrew sought to create a lifestyle brand beyond clothing. Starting with the bow tie, their collection now features menswear staples, and a plethora of accessories. The brand is a reflection of the ideals behind the Urban Gentleman. This is their effort to tell a story, to inspire and be inspired, and to create a powerful connection through timeless pieces.


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